English and German to Italian

The Italian version of the project you’ve worked so hard on deserves to be just as special and distinctive as the original.

With my help, getting your content translated into Italian will be smooth sailing.


Full localisation of your videogame, from start to finish.

Videogame localisation is my comfort zone – a day doesn’t go by when I’m not working on a project.

I’ve worked on every kind of video game genre out there, and everything from AAA to mobile games.

That means I’ve built up a huge amount of experience, and will make the process a smooth, stress-free one.

You can trust me to translate, edit and proofread every last detail of your game – dialogues, descriptions, instructions, commands, UI and much more.

And on top of that, I’ll handle all the texts you need translated for a successful launch, such as subtitles for videos, marketing content, patch notes and descriptions of a game for its website, or platforms like Steam, Google Play or the App Store.

Check out my portfolio page to see a selection of the games I’ve worked on for yourself.

Board games

For a board game to sell well in any language, it needs to be translated by someone who knows this world inside out.

I’m still as big a fan of board games as I was when I was tiny, and that means I know just how to
translate them into clear, intuitive Italian.

In 2020, I translated the rules for the German editions of “Mekhane” and “Meow”, two games by Cranio Creations, with my colleague Tanja Lam-Huong Ta.

Children’s literature,
YA and comics

Open your book, story or comic up to an Italian audience. I’ll put as much care and attention into the translation as you did into creating the original.

I’ve translated a webcomic, collaborated on audiobooks, and am building my experience with literature translation day in, day out, investing time in specific courses to boost my skills.

Apps and websites

Character limitations don’t have to mean awkward translations. I’m experienced with all different kinds of UI and content.

Ready to get the ball rolling?
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