As a video game localizer, some of the projects I took care of are under NDA.

 Here you can check a few exciting game translation projects I loved working on.

If you would like to have a comprehensive list, I will gladly share it with you.


Some NDA-covered games:

Indie deck-building game with horror elements (2022)

Indie rogue-lite action game set in the afterlife with comic elements (2023)


Kind words from some wonderful clients and collaborators

As Glyph's Senior Italian Linguist, Beatrice has shown exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills. She goes above and beyond in all her work with us, but especially in games localization, where she shines the brightest. Reliable, eager, and quality-driven are adjectives that only begin to describe Beatrice's character. We at Glyph truly look forward to continuing our collaboration for years to come.
Lauren Wilhelm
Project and Vendor Manager - Glyph Language Services
Working with Ms Ceruti is always a pleasure, starting with her responsiveness to email inquiries and not ending with her timely deliveries, as the quality of her work itself is always reliably top-notch as well, be it a small marketing translation or a whole book script.
Michael Schmidt
Localization Team Lead – Audible
I have worked with Beatrice on many projects, and each time I was impressed by how involved she is in each translation. She shows great linguistic skills and a highly optimistic and positive attitude. Beatrice’s talent is matched only by her trustworthiness.
Kirstine Spinosi
Lead Italian Editor – Altagram Group
I've been working with Beatrice almost on a weekly basis for the last two years on several video games localization projects, and I am absolutely in love with her style, her attitude and the team relationship we have formed throughout the months. Working with her is inspiring, she's absolutely dedicated and devoted to the cause, and is always up to spend countless hours with me just to discuss the best pun or wordplay that could bring a simple translation to the next level. Working with her is an absolute bliss and I keep learning everyday thanks to the great communication we have. Not to mention that she's one of the most friendly and caring colleagues I've found so far. She's a gem, and I'd recommend her hands down for any gaming and pop-culture related project.
Chiara Di Modica
Video games localization specialist - LoQAce
Beatrice Ceruti has been providing their translation services from English into Italian to us on a freelance basis since late April 2018. Before that, Beatrice completed a linguistic internship with Altagram and was a valued part of our in-house team from October 2017 – April 2018. In their time with us, Beatrice has translated more than 726.300 and proofread over 338 000 words for us and we have been very satisfied with the service provided. Beatrice is and remains one of our most trusted linguists for EN>IT.
Alexandra Kanevski
Vendor Manager – Altagram Group

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